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Chi-Kuang Sun is a Life Distinguished Professor in the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Medicine at National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan. He received his S.B. in Electrical Engineering from NTU in 1987, and S.M. and Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University in 1990 and 1995 respectively. He was an Assistant Researcher in the NSF Center for Quantized Electronics Structures (QUEST) at UCSB between 1995 and 1996. He joined the NTU faculty in 1996 and is currently the Life Distinguished Professor Professor of Electrical Engineering and Photonics at NTU and Adjunct Research Fellow of Physics and Applied Sciences at Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He currently serves as Chair of the Photonics Program, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan. He is the founder and a chief investigator of the Molecular Imaging Center, one of the 7 university-level excellence centers at NTU. He was Deputy Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, NTU.

Chi-Kuang Sun’s research involves optical molecular imaging, nonlinear microscopy, ultrafast phenomena, nano-ultrasonics, THz health care, advanced femtosecond laser technologies, and applications in virtual biopsy diagnosis, treatment and therapy assessment, surgical guidance, wearable monitoring device, neural science, virus epidemic control, paleontology, interfacial water imaging, and boson peak studies. He leads the advancement and clinical applications of third harmonic generation microscopy for noninvasive differential diagnosis of skin lesions. He is a pioneer for the development of dielectric THz fibers and THz-fiber-based imaging systems, including THz fiber-endoscope, THz near-field microscope, and THz mammography for noninvasive breast cancer and blood examination. He proposes and demonstrates the generation and detection of femtosecond acoustic pulses by using piezoelectric nanolayers, combined with the slow sound velocity and high temporal resolution, for noninvasive atomic-level resolution ultrasound imaging.

Chi-Kuang Sun is a Fellow of OSA, IEEE, SPIE, and RMS (London). He received the Outstanding Research Award from National Science Council (Taiwan) three times

and the MERIT Award from National Health Research Institute (Taiwan) two times, the 2010 Engineering Medal from the Taiwan Photonic Society, the Leica

Microsystems Innovation Award, the C.N. Yang Outstanding Young Researcher Award, the Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Researchers, the Y. Z. Hsu

Science Chair Professorship, the AmTRAN Chair Professorship, and the Academic Award from Ministry of Education, Taiwan. He served as the President of Taiwan

Section of OSA and a Topical editor of Optics Letters. He is now an editorial board member of Scientific Reports.

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